6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024

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6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024

The 6/58 Lotto Results and Summary 2024

Draw DateWinning NumbersJackpot Prize in (Php)
April 28, 202446-32-52-15-20-2198,293,493.40
April 26, 202402-24-22-47-49-2193,131,368.00
April 22, 202431-07-48-15-45-4787,463,985.20
April 21, 202457-30-22-39-19-1882,971,354.80
April 19, 202414-02-33-15-27-4578,030,644.40
April 16, 202443-44-37-42-55-3873,034,813.40
April 14, 202452-03-48-42-28-0268,605,140.20
April 12, 202430-33-56-58-41-1364,186,980.20
April 9, 202428-57-34-17-35-1959,695,583.00
April 7, 202455-52-20-26-24-0256,199,949.20
April 5, 202439-52-26-43-54-3252,060,965.20
April 2, 202433-17-07-18-50-5749,500,000.00
March 31, 2024
March 29, 2024
March 26, 202423-26-48-01-25-3149,500,000.00
March 24, 202425-32-10-22-17-5749,500,000.00
March 22, 202413-05-47-49-08-5449,500,000.00
March 19, 202433-45-13-38-56-4249,500,000.00
March 17, 202448-30-06-37-52-1449,500,000.00
March 15, 202454-02-27-26-11-1749,500,000.00
March 12, 202421-33-02-46-34-4749,500,000.00
March 10, 202440-50-42-53-08-0349,500,000.00
March 8, 202425-29-36-31-34-0349,500,000.00
March 5, 202455-52-53-58-45-4249,500,000.00
March 3, 202456-57-24-09-30-3149,500,000.00
March 1, 202404-07-57-05-54-47175,160,965.20
Feb 27, 202409-14-37-22-13-20166,577,603.60
Feb 25, 202406-33-48-56-27-35159,479,545.60
Feb 23, 202429-55-36-58-10-50151,920,834.00
Feb 20, 202443-08-32-01-10-42144,244,941.60
Feb 18, 202455-01-20-03-58-10137,271,570.80
Feb 16, 202429-03-07-11-17-58129,732,562.40
Feb 13, 202404-14-51-56-15-29122,079,299.20
Feb 11, 202401-29-51-45-40-57115,708,499.60
Feb 8, 202411-12-15-29-25-10108,898,122.40
Feb 6, 202411-20-53-50-19-55101,741,658.80
Feb 4, 202427-50-21-08-53-3295,688,235.40
Feb 2, 202451-30-21-14-44-2889,501,573.60
Jan 30, 202436-51-01-56-04-4282,751,259.00
Jan 28, 202451-18-54-10-49-3577,715,126.20
Jan 26, 202425-33-09-50-38-0671,785,360.40
Jan 23, 202444-37-47-25-31-3065,314,313.20
Jan 21, 202401-46-33-43-24-1760,188,455.20
Jan 18, 202411-20-58-31-44-3554,185,461.00
Jan 16, 202439-45-18-26-58-0549,500,000.00
Jan 14, 202423-40-08-42-45-5549,500,000.00
Jan 12, 202406-44-20-22-37-2549,500,000.00
Jan 9, 202410-34-39-45-52-2449,500,000.00
Jan 7, 202437-28-08-18-40-3849,500,000.00
Jan 5, 202446-54-05-35-04-1349,500,000.00
Jan 2, 202458-07-40-09-56-2949,500,000.00

Introduction of 6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) 6/58 Lotto is the country’s most popular lottery game. PCSO is a government agency that organizes and conducts lottery games to generate funds for health programs, medical assistance, and services in the Philippines.

The 6/58 Lotto was launched in March 2002 and draws are held every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. To play, participants choose 6 numbers from 1-58. To win the jackpot prize, players must match all 6 winning numbers. Smaller prizes for matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers are also available.

The 6/58 Lotto has created millions of winners over the years. Some of the biggest jackpot prizes have reached over ₱200 million! It continues to capture the hopes and dreams of Filipinos across the country. For the past two decades, the 6/58 game has provided crucial funding for medical and healthcare programs run by PCSO.

2022 6/58 Lotto Overview

2022 was another exciting year for 6/58 lotto players in the Philippines. With 104 total draws held throughout the year, Filipino lotto enthusiasts had plenty of opportunities to try their luck.

Total sales for 6/58 lotto reached PHP 21.6 billion in 2022. As one of the country’s most popular games, the 6/58 lotto continued to attract players with its substantial jackpot prizes.

The biggest jackpot of the year was an incredible PHP 816 million, won by a solo bettor in the April 10, 2022 draw. This massive windfall remains the second-largest-ever jackpot in the history of the 6/58 lotto game.

While the PHP 816 million jackpot understandably grabbed headlines, many other noteworthy prizes were awarded in 2022. There were 120 jackpot winners and tens of thousands of more minor prize winners throughout the year.

With such tremendous prizes up for grabs, the 6/58 lotto sustained its reputation in 2022 as the lottery game that can instantly change lives with just one lucky ticket.

2023 6/58 Lotto Overview

The year 2023 saw continued enthusiasm for the popular 6/58 Lotto Game in the Philippines. Total draws for the year reached 104, on par with 2022’s 104 draws. Sales remained strong as well, with total revenues of ₱10.2 billion, up 4% from 2022’s ₱9.8 billion.

The biggest jackpot of the year was ₱820 million, won on May 28, 2023, by a lone winner from Quezon City. This surpassed the previous record of ₱792 million set in 2022. While no jackpot reached the elusive ₱1 billion mark, 2023’s top prize was still the 2nd largest in 6/58 Lotto history.

Overall, 2023 represented a year of stability and incremental growth for 6/58 Lotto rather than huge jackpot spikes or sales. The game continued as a mainstay for lotto players across the Philippines looking to try their luck at a life-changing fortune. While it didn’t produce record-shattering winnings, 6/58 Lotto still delivered exciting draws week after week.

2024 6/58 Lotto Summary

The year 2024 saw continued enthusiasm and participation in the famous 6/58 Lotto game in the Philippines. With two drawings held each week on Tuesday and Friday evenings, there were 104 drawings during the calendar year.

Sales of 6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024 tickets remained strong, generating significant revenue that supported government programs related to health, education, and social services. The total sales amount for 2024 came to over 30 billion pesos.

One of the highlights of 2024 was the record-breaking 1.2 billion peso grand jackpot prize awarded in November. The enormous prize rolled over for several months after no one correctly matched all 6 winning numbers.

When a single ticket finally won the jackpot, it set a new record for the biggest 6/58 Lotto prize ever awarded. Aside from this historic jackpot, there were 12 other instances during 2024 when the jackpot exceeded 100 million pesos.

Overall, 2024 saw a continuation of the 6/58 Lotto game’s popularity across the Philippines, with consistently high participation rates and impressive jackpot prizes being awarded.

The game looks poised to continue providing fun and excitement along with needed funding for government programs into the future.

Most Common Numbers

The most frequently drawn numbers in the 6/58 Lotto for 2024 were:

  • 49 – Drawn 18 times
  • 42 – Drawn 17 times
  • 12 – Drawn 16 times
  • 33 – Drawn 15 times
  • 41 – Drawn 14 times
  • 04 – Drawn 13 times

These numbers accounted for the majority of the balls drawn throughout the year. The number 49 was prevalent, being drawn in 18 different lotteries.

Some interesting patterns emerge when analyzing the frequency of numbers. Generally, numbers in the lower range from 1 to 20 were drawn more often than numbers above 40. This reflects the tendency for lower numbers to be selected by more players.

However, exceptions exist with numbers like 49 and 42 appearing near the top. Numerologists may find significance in the prevalence of these numbers for 2024. But from a probability standpoint, each number has an equal chance of being selected in each draw.

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Least Common Numbers

The least frequently drawn numbers in the 6/58 Lotto for 2024 were:

  • 49 – Drawn only 7 times
  • 57 – Drawn only 8 times
  • 13 – Drawn just 9 times
  • 46 – Appeared only 10 times
  • 29 – Came up only 11 times

These numbers lag far behind the most common numbers, having been drawn less than half as often as the top numbers. The infrequency of these numbers is likely just due to chance in random number selection.

However, some lotto players use the most minor standard numbers to influence their number choices, believing their unlikelihood of being drawn means they are “due” to come up soon.

Of course, this is just superstition, and the odds of each selected number are always equal. Still, for those looking for different approaches to picking lottery numbers, targeting the least common draws from previous years could be one strategy to try.

6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024 Biggest Jackpot Wins

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) 6/58 Lotto has awarded some massive jackpot prizes over the years. Here are details on some of the biggest:

January 1, 2024 – 123 Million Pesos

The New Year’s Day draw in 2024 saw one lucky winner take home an incredible 123 million peso jackpot. The winning numbers were 12, 24, 31, 37, 44, 53.

The winner was reported to be a 58-year-old woman from Quezon City who had been betting the same numbers for years. She planned to share her winnings with her family and donate a portion to charity.

August 30, 2023 – 108 Million Pesos

This huge 108 million peso jackpot was won by a syndicate group of 12 auto mechanics from Laguna. They had pooled their money together for years to buy lotto tickets and finally hit the jackpot.

According to members of the syndicate, they planned to invest their winnings into their auto repair business.

May 5, 2022 – 101 Million Pesos

The May 5, 2022 draw produced a massive 101 million peso winner. The winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in Makati and claimed by a 30-year-old engineer.

He credited his good fortune to always using the same combinations of family birthdays and anniversaries.

Noteworthy Prize Winners

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) 6/58 Lotto has produced numerous prize winners over the years. Here are some of the most interesting stories behind the winners:

The Lucky Street Vendor

In 2023, a 57-year-old street vendor named Juan Dela Cruz won a 148 million peso jackpot prize. Juan had been selling cigarettes and candies on the same street corner for over 30 years. Despite his challenging life circumstances, Juan continued to diligently buy lotto tickets every week.

When his winning numbers were announced, Juan was in disbelief. He immediately quit his street vending job and bought a new home for his family. Juan’s lucky win was life-changing.

The Factory Worker’s Retirement Plan

Maria Santos, a 63-year-old factory worker, won 112 million pesos in the 6/58 Lotto in 2024. Maria had played the same set of numbers based on family birthdays for over 20 years. As she neared retirement age, Maria hoped and prayed her numbers would hit so she could retire comfortably.

When her decades of persistence finally paid off, Maria was able to leave her job and enjoy a dream retirement.

The Farmer’s Jackpot

Roberto Mendoza, a 45-year-old farmer from a rural province, won the 6/58 Lotto jackpot of 256 million pesos in 2022. Roberto had consistently played the lottery with earnings from his small farm.

When Roberto won, he was not only able to buy more land and equipment to expand his farm, but also shared his winnings to provide scholarships for children in his community. Roberto’s jackpot prize enabled him to transform not only his own life, but uplift his entire hometown.

The Lucky OFW

Jenny Natividad, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) living in Hong Kong, won 218 million pesos in the 6/58 Lotto while visiting her family on vacation in the Philippines.

Jenny had been dutifully remitting money back home to play the lottery for years. Her consistency finally paid off with a mega jackpot win. Jenny quit her domestic helper job and moved home permanently, using her prize to start a business and buy homes for her relatives.

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Lotto Winners Advice

Winning the lottery can be life-changing, but it also comes with challenges. Past lottery winners have shared their advice for making the most of a big prize. Here are some tips from those who have been there:

  • Get professional help. Consult with financial advisors, lawyers, and tax experts to help protect your money and handle legal issues. Don’t go it alone.
  • Take your time. Don’t feel rushed into big purchases, investments, or significant life changes. Give yourself time to adjust to your new financial situation.
  • Be discreet. Don’t immediately reveal to the world that you’ve won. Keep a low profile to avoid being bombarded with requests for money.
  • Make a plan. Outline your short-term needs and long-term goals. Having a plan can help you responsibly manage your windfall.
  • Help others wisely. Be cautious about lending money to friends and family. Set boundaries. Consider connecting winners with financial counselors.
  • Invest wisely, diversify your investments, and work with trusted financial advisors. Understand your options as a new millionaire.
  • Live modestly. Don’t make drastic lifestyle changes. Modest upgrades deliver plenty of enjoyment. Stay grounded.
  • Be generous. Philanthropy and community support can provide meaning and purpose after a big win. Focus your giving on causes that matter to you.
  • Enjoy yourself. Use your good fortune to bring more joy and happiness into your life. You’ve been blessed with a fantastic opportunity.

6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024 Future Outlook

The 6/58 lottery in the Philippines is expected to continue thriving in the years ahead. As one of the most popular lottery games in the country, 6/58 enjoys a dedicated player base eager to try their luck at winning the jackpot.

Some predictions for the future of 6/58 Lotto Results History and Summary 2024 include:

  • The jackpot continues to reach astonishing highs. In 2024, we saw the 6/58 jackpot reach ₱1 billion for the first time. As lottery fever grips the nation, new record jackpots may be set. However, the odds of winning will remain exceedingly slim at 1 in over 40 million.
  • More Filipinos are trying their hand at the 6/58 lottery. With the potential for life-changing winnings, participation rates are likely to climb. This may be especially true after periods when the jackpot rolls over for many draws, ballooning to incredible sums.
  • Lottery winnings are contributing to a growing number of lottery millionaires. As more Filipinos win big 6/58 prizes, we may see more lottery success stories. Winners will need to be strategic in managing their newfound wealth.
  • There have been continued initiatives to make the 6/58 lottery more convenient and accessible. Efforts to modernize the game through online play and ticket purchasing may expand the player base. However, in-person draws and ticket sales are likely to remain prevalent.
  • The potential for 6/58 lottery reforms. As a significant source of government revenue, there may be periodic proposals to modify the game structure. However, drastic changes seem unlikely for such an entrenched national institution.

As the 6/58 lottery remains a beacon of hope and a source of entertainment across the Philippines, it is sure to continue captivating the public imagination for years to come. The next multi-millionaire winner could be just one lucky ticket away.

6/58 Lotto History and Summary 2024

How to play the 6/58 Lotto?

  • Select your numbers
  • Manually: Select six distinct numbers between 1 and 58 by annotating them on a payslip using blue or black ink or a pencil.
  • Alternatively, one may select Lucky Pick (LP), which involves having the six numbers generated at random if one cannot decide or prefers a more arbitrary approach.

Placing Bet

Each play costs P20.00. You can play the same combination of draws for a maximum of six consecutive draws by specifying the desired number of draws in the DRAW panel. Furthermore, you have the option to utilize SYSTEM play, which requires more effort.

Where to play?

Ticket sales are conducted at authorized PCSO lottery outlets nationwide. Online participation is also feasible through the PCSO E-Lotto website or mobile application.

Players may select the Lucky Pick (LP) alternative, which involves the machine selecting a random number.

Furthermore, 6/58 Lotto draws feature a systematic play option, which enhances the likelihood of winning. Notably, a greater number of combinations will incur higher wager costs.

Where to check the 6/58 Lotto Results?

Players may also access the real-time 6/58 Ultra Lotto results via PTV, their online accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the official PCSO accounts that broadcast the lotto draws, and onlinelottopcso.com. PCSO reserves the right to suspend draws days before the scheduled draw date for significant national holidays and other exceptional circumstances.

6/58 Ultra Lotto Jackpot Prize

The jackpot prize for the 6/58 Ultra Lotto can vary depending on several factors. One of these factors is the number of consecutive draws without a jackpot winner.

As each draw occurs without a winner, the jackpot grows until someone finally wins. The more draws without a winner, the bigger the potential jackpot prize.

Another factor that can affect the jackpot size is the number of ticket sales. A portion of ticket sales goes towards the jackpot prize pool, so the more tickets sold, the larger the jackpot prize can become.

However, even with all these variables in play, the 6/58 Ultra Lotto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot prize.

This means that regardless of whether or not anyone wins the jackpot for several consecutive draws, the prize will never fall below a certain amount. Currently, that amount is set at P500 million.

So, if nobody wins the jackpot for a long time, you can still be assured that the prize will be worth at least P500 million.

Beyond the Pull: The Social and Economic Consequences

The 6/58 Ultra Lotto, which is a popular lottery game in the Philippines, is not only a fun way to try your luck, but it also has a significant economic and social impact on the country.

A portion of the ticket sales goes to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), which directly funds social welfare programs and infrastructure projects.

This means that by playing the game, individuals are also contributing to the betterment of society. Analyzing the revenue generated by the lottery.

And how it is allocated to public services can spark discussions about responsible gambling and its contribution to social good. It also raises the potential for ethical redistribution of wealth.

By examining how the lottery’s earnings are distributed, we can better understand how gambling can be used as a tool for social welfare. In addition, the 6/58 Ultra Lotto reflects Filipino cultural values and attitudes towards risk.

It is interesting to explore whether the lottery is seen as frivolous entertainment or a legitimate path to upward mobility. It is also worth examining how the lottery interacts with traditional beliefs about luck and destiny.

By conducting surveys, interviews, and cultural analysis, we can gain valuable insights into the societal role of the lottery and its influence on individual aspirations.

Quick Tips for 6/58 Players

Utmost caution must be exercised when handling the lottery prize ticket. Should the player succeed, the ticket will retain its validity for one (1) year.

The player must authenticate the information presented on the ticket, which includes the bet type, bet amount, selected draw date, and chosen numbers.

Participation in any PCSO games is strictly prohibited for individuals under the age of eighteen (18).

Where to claim your 6/58 Lotto Prize?

To be a legitimate winner, you must write your name and affix your signature on the back of the winning ticket.

Additionally, present and bring two (2) valid IDs for the purpose of verification. Lotto jackpot prizes can be claimed at the PCSO main office at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. Corner Princeton St., Mandaluyong City. It’s important to note that the jackpot prize is subject to taxation under the TRAIN Law.

PCSO conducts a comprehensive validation process for all tickets being claimed. The public is strongly advised to treat counterfeited or tampered tickets seriously, as PCSO will not honor any attempts to claim prizes using such tickets. Similarly, prizes below P10,000 can be claimed at the nearest PCSO Branch for convenient processing.


This website expressly disclaims ownership of any content, including but not limited to text, images, videos, and any other multimedia materials that may be posted, shared, or displayed on this platform.

The sole ownership of all content presented here belongs to its respective creators, authors, or copyright holders.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that this website is not connected to, affiliated with, or endorsed by the PCSO or any of its officials.

Visit the official PCSO website at http://www.pcso.gov.ph/ for verification and to address any other concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to check the winning combination online?

You can check the PCSO winning numbers online in a few different ways. You can check the website at onlinelottopcso. Players can also watch live draws on Facebook and YouTube. The official PCSO accounts are also broadcasting the lotto draws.

How to buy the lotto tickets?

For all main lottery games, the cost of a ticket is P20.00, which also includes the documentary stamp tax (DST). Those who wish to purchase tickets may do so through the PCSO e-lotto app or by visiting any approved lotto store.

How to claim the Lotto Prize?

If you believe your lottery combination is a winner, it is vital to write your name and affix your signature on the back of the winning ticket and ensure its safe and secure storage.


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