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How to Claim Elotto Prize

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Introduction: How to Claim Elotto Prize

Winning the lottery is an exhilarating experience, but knowing how to claim your prize is crucial to ensure you receive your winnings promptly and securely. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has streamlined the process of claiming E-Lotto prizes to make it straightforward and convenient. This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of claiming your E-Lotto prize, from verifying your winning ticket to receiving your prize money.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Claim Prize in E-lotto

Step 1: Verify Your Winning Ticket

  1. Check the Results: After the draw, log in to your E-Lotto Philippines account and check the official results posted on the PCSO website. Compare the winning numbers with the numbers on your ticket.
  2. Winning Notification: If your ticket has the winning numbers, you will receive a notification via email or SMS confirming your win.

Step 2: Determine the Prize Amount

  1. Small Prizes (₱10,000 and below): These prizes are directly credited to your E-Lotto account. You can withdraw the funds to your bank account or use them to purchase more tickets.
  2. Medium Prizes (₱10,001 to ₱300,000): These prizes require you to visit a PCSO branch to claim your winnings. Ensure you bring valid identification and your winning ticket.
  3. Large Prizes (Above ₱300,000) and Jackpot Prizes: For large and jackpot prizes, you need to visit the PCSO Main Office in Mandaluyong City. You will need to provide your winning ticket and two valid government-issued IDs.

Step 3: Prepare the Required Documents

  1. Winning Ticket: Ensure that you have your winning ticket printed or saved on your device.
  2. Identification: Prepare at least two valid government-issued IDs (e.g., passport, driver’s license, SSS/GSIS ID).
  3. Claim Form: Obtain and fill out the Prize Claim Form available on the PCSO website or at the claiming center.

Step 4: Visit the Appropriate PCSO Office

  1. For Small Prizes: No visit is necessary as the amount is credited to your account.
  2. For Medium Prizes: Visit the nearest PCSO branch with your documents and claim form.
  3. For Large and Jackpot Prizes: Visit the PCSO Main Office at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

Step 5: Claim Your Prize

  1. Verification Process: At the PCSO office, present your documents and winning ticket. The staff will verify your information and ticket.
  2. Receive Your Prize: Once verified, you will receive your prize money either in cash or via check, depending on the amount.

Players’ Experiences with Claiming E-Lotto App Prizes

Positive Experiences

  1. Quick Processing: “I won a small prize and it was credited to my account within minutes of the draw. Super convenient!” says Marco L.
  2. Helpful Staff: “When I claimed my medium prize at the PCSO branch, the staff were very helpful and the process was smooth,” shares Karen T.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Waiting Time: “Claiming a large prize took longer than expected due to the verification process,” notes Eric M.
  2. Documentation Requirements: “I had to go back home to get an additional ID because I only brought one,” comments Liza P.


Claiming your E-Lotto prize from PCSO is a straightforward process if you follow the necessary steps and prepare the required documents. Small prizes are the easiest to claim, as they are automatically credited to your account. For medium and large prizes, visiting the appropriate PCSO office and providing the necessary documentation ensures you receive your winnings securely. Whether your prize is small or life-changing, knowing the proper steps to claim it will make the experience smooth and enjoyable. Congratulations on your win, and may you continue to enjoy playing E-Lotto!


Please play responsibly. Ensure you are aware of the claiming process and have all required documentation ready to avoid any delays. For more details and updates on claiming procedures, visit the official PCSO website.

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