Lotto Result Today January 29, 2024

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Lotto Result Today January 29, 2024

PCSO Lotto Result

Lotto Result Today January 29, 2024

Lotto Result Today January 29, 2024, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has provided comprehensive lotto results, which include the winning numbers for the following six lottos: Lotto 6/42, Super Lotto 6/49, Ultra Lotto 6/58, EZ2 (2D Lotto), Swertres (3D Lotto, and 6D Lotto.

Currently, the major lotto draws offer jackpot prizes of Php 100 million. For Lotto 6/42, the prize is Php 100 million; for Ultra Lotto 6/58, it is Php 590 million; and for Super Lotto 6/49, it is Php 100 million.

The winning numbers for the digit games EZ2 (2D), Swertres (3D), and 6D Lotto, which are drawn at 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 9:00 pm, respectively, are available on this page.

Below are the winning numbers for the PCSO Lotto draw held on Monday, January 29, 2024:

~Source/Courtesy: PCSO Official

Here are the latest lottery results for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for January 2, 2024. The Swertres (3D) result, EZ2 (2D) result, and STL results for Pares, Swer3, and Swer2 are now available.

Check out the winning numbers and see if you have won any prizes.

NOTE: The 4D Lotto winning numbers are listed in  EXACT ORDER.

The STL results for January 29, 2024, for Visayas Regions 7 and 8 are as follows:

(Piona Trading And Supply Corp.)
STL Swer3
10:30 AM1-1-3
3:00 PM0-4-0
7:00 PM6-5-6
Note: After 8:00 PM, PCSO will no longer accept wagers; therefore, individuals aspiring to become millionaires must purchase their tickets in advance.

With the official main lotto draws commencing at 9:00 PM, ticket sales will commence at 7:00 AM and continue until 8:00 PM.

Here is the latest jackpot prize overview for major lottery games of PCSO.

3D, 2D ScheduleSelling TimeTime of Draw
1st Draw7:00 am to 1:45 PM2:00 PM
2nd Draw2:05 pm to 4:45 PM5:00 PM
3rd Draw5:05 pm to 8:00 PM9:00 PM

PCSO Lotto Jackpot Winners of 2024

The PCSO lotto lottery winners for the year 2024 are presented here. Gratitude to all who won.

Additionally, the list of winners from the year 2023 is also available here. (For complete information on the winners, please scroll to the right or left of the table.)

Lotto GameCombinations Date of DrawJackpot PrizeWinner/sLocation
6/4505-12-19-01-28-08Jan 24, 2024
45,638,809.601Lotto outlet of Bulatao, Jan Wilhelm L. lotto outlet in General Trias City, Cavite.
6/5524-50-52-09-51-03Jan 17, 2024698,806,269.201E-LOTTO or Online Lotto.
6/4926-33-14-48-06-42Jan 16, 2024
640,654,817.601Lotto outlet of BEST HOPE GAMING & AMUSEMENT CORP. of Rizal Ave., Manila
6/4204-39-23-19-17-36Jan 9, 202416,813,380.401Lotto outlet of Mary Ann S. Gabriel, Camiling, Tarlac
6/4509-07-29-28-11-18Jan 8, 2024121,816,502.402Lotto outlet of
(1) Sto. Rosario St. Palm Drive, Buhangin, Davao City
(2) Lianas Mutya ng Pasig Mall, Pasig City
6/4204-22-07-10-29-14Jan 2, 2024108,072,834.003Lotto outlet of
(1) Rizal M. Garcia in San Miguel Bulacan,
(2) Vincent James Ganir in Tondo, Manila
(3) Maria Olfa Driz in Pila, Laguna

How much are the lotto tickets?

As of now, all lottery tickets carrying jackpots are awarded P20.00 in prizes (#Balikbente program).

At the nearest authorized PCSO lottery outlet, tickets are available for purchase, with the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) already included.

How to play the PCSO Lotto 6/55 and 6/45?

Additionally, it is important to note that each PCSO game has its own set of rules.

Detailed below is an overview of the procedures for participating in and winning the 6/45 and 6/55 draws.

Regarding the Grand Lotto 6/55, similar to the other major games, it will now operate under a fixed prize consolation system.

The jackpot amount is subject to change based on ticket sales. Players can anticipate substantial payouts, as this is the second major game with the largest initial jackpot prize of 29.7 million pesos.

To be eligible for the lottery prize of 8.9 million pesos, Mega Lotto 6/45 requires participants to choose six winning numbers in any order from 1-45. 

How to claim the Prize?

To claim your prize from the PCSO Lotto, follow these simplified steps:

  1. Confirm your winning ticket: Check your ticket against the official winning numbers announced by PCSO on their website, social media, or authorized outlets.
  2. Prepare necessary documents: Get ready the following documents:
    • Original winning ticket: Make sure it’s in good condition and not tampered with.
    • Valid identification: Bring a government-issued ID with your photo and signature.
    • Proof of ownership: If claiming on behalf of a group, have a notarized document with members’ names and shares.
  3. Visit PCSO branch or authorized outlet: Go to the nearest PCSO branch or authorized outlet to claim your prize. Bring all the required documents.
  4. Fill out the claim form: Complete the claim form provided by the staff with accurate and complete information.
  5. Submit your documents: Give the PCSO staff your original winning ticket, valid ID, proof of ownership (if applicable), and the filled-out claim form.
  6. Wait for verification: The staff will verify your ticket and documents. This may take some time, so be patient.
  7. Receive your prize: If your claim is approved, you’ll receive your prize money as a check or cash, depending on the amount. Follow the staff’s instructions for collecting your prize.

Where to claim the Prize?

If you are the rightful winner of the lottery, please ensure that you write your full name and sign on the back of the winning ticket. You will also need to bring two (2) valid IDs for verification purposes.

Aside from, you can claim your jackpot prize at the PCSO main office, located on the 2nd Floor Sun Plaza Building, Princeton Street, and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. And just please keep in mind that a 20% tax will be deducted from the prize money as per the TRAIN Law.

Please note that all tickets are thoroughly validated before they can be claimed. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to deal with counterfeit or tampered-with tickets. PCSO will not honor such tickets, and anyone attempting to claim their prize using such tickets will be dealt with accordingly.

For prizes below P10,000, you can claim your winnings at the nearest PCSO branch.

PCSO Betting Reminders

  1. Play responsibly: Remember that playing the lottery should be for entertainment purposes only. Set a budget for your lottery tickets and stick to it. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Check the schedule: Make sure to check the schedule of PCSO ELotto draws to know when the games are held. This will help you plan your ticket purchases accordingly.
  3. Choose your numbers wisely: When playing the PCSO Lotto, you have the option to choose your own numbers or use the Quick Pick option for random selection. Take your time to select numbers that are meaningful to you or use a strategy if you prefer.
  4. Double-check your ticket: After purchasing your ticket, double-check it to ensure that all the numbers and details are correct. This will help avoid any issues when claiming your prize.
  5. Keep your ticket safe: Treat your lottery ticket like a valuable possession. Keep it in a safe place to prevent loss or damage. You will need the ticket to claim any winnings.
  6. Claim your prize within the specified period: If you win a prize, make sure to claim it within the specified period. PCSO has specific rules and deadlines for claiming prizes, so be sure to check those to avoid missing out on your winnings.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is the authorized governing body responsible for conducting nationwide lottery draws.

The proceeds from these draws are donated to charitable organizations, health programs, medical assistance & services, and national charities. While the major games’ PCSO lotto results can appear in any sequence, the digit games must be arranged in exact order.

This website disclaims any claim to ownership of the content it hosts, including but not limited to text, images, videos, or other multimedia materials that may be posted, shared, or displayed.

All content showcased here is the exclusive possession of its respective creators, authors, or copyright holders. Furthermore, this website does not represent the PCSO or any of its officials; for verification and other inquiries, please refer to the reference provided.

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