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Introduction to PCSO

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) in the Philippines, responsible for raising and providing funds for health programs, medical assistance, and various charity initiatives. Established in 1934, the PCSO aims to generate funds for health and welfare-related initiatives through its lottery games and sweepstakes. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the PCSO, its games, charitable programs, and its impact on Filipino society.

PCSO Games and Sweepstakes

Lotto Games

PCSO offers a variety of lotto games, each with unique mechanics and prize structures:

  • 6/42 Lotto: Players choose six numbers from 1 to 42. Draws are held thrice a week, with substantial jackpots.
  • 6/45 Mega Lotto: Similar to the 6/42 Lotto, players choose from 1 to 45. Draws are also held thrice weekly.
  • 6/49 Super Lotto: A larger pool of numbers (1 to 49) means bigger jackpots. Draws are held twice a week.
  • 6/55 Grand Lotto: One of the largest PCSO lotteries, players select from numbers 1 to 55. Draws are held twice a week.
  • 6/58 Ultra Lotto: The biggest PCSO lotto game with numbers ranging from 1 to 58 and draws twice weekly.

Sweepstakes and Draws

PCSO sweepstakes have been a cornerstone of its fundraising efforts. These games typically involve purchasing tickets with pre-determined combinations. Special draws, such as the Independence Day draw, offer significant prizes.

Small Town Lottery (STL)

STL is a localized lottery game that provides additional revenue for PCSO’s charitable programs. It involves daily draws and partners with local government units and private entities.

Digit Games

  • EZ2 Lotto: Players choose two numbers from 1 to 31. Daily draws offer a straightforward and easy-to-win format.
  • Swertres Lotto: Players select a three-digit combination from 0 to 9. It’s one of the most popular digit games, with multiple draws daily.

Charitable Programs

PCSO’s commitment to charity is evident through its numerous assistance programs:

Medical Assistance

PCSO provides financial aid for medical expenses, including hospitalization, chemotherapy, dialysis, and medicines. The Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) is a key initiative that helps thousands of Filipinos access necessary healthcare services.

Calamity Assistance

In times of disaster, PCSO is at the forefront, offering immediate relief and support to affected communities. This includes financial aid, medical missions, and the distribution of essential goods.

Charity Clinics and Hospitals

PCSO supports charity clinics and hospitals, ensuring underprivileged Filipinos receive quality healthcare. These facilities provide multiple services, from primary care to specialized treatments.

How to Participate in PCSO Lotto

Participating in PCSO Lotto is straightforward, whether you choose traditional methods or the convenient online eLotto option. Here’s a step-by-step guide for both.

Traditional Lotto

1. Find an Authorized OutletLocate an authorized PCSO lotto outlet near you. These outlets are available nationwide and are easily identifiable by PCSO signage.
2. Choose Your GameSelect the lotto game you want to play (e.g., 6/42, 6/45 Mega Lotto, 6/49 Super Lotto, 6/55 Grand Lotto, or 6/58 Ultra Lotto).
3. Fill Out a Bet SlipUse the provided bet slip to select your numbers. Each game has a specific range (e.g., 1-42 for 6/42 Lotto). You can mark your chosen numbers or opt for the Lucky Pick (LP) option, allowing the machine to randomly select numbers for you.
4. Pay for Your TicketSubmit your completed bet slip to the cashier and pay the corresponding amount. Each combination typically costs ₱20, but prices can vary depending on the game. Ensure you receive your ticket and verify the details (e.g., game type, selected numbers, and draw date).
5. Keep Your Ticket SafeYour ticket is crucial for claiming any prizes. Store it in a safe place and do not damage or lose it.
6. Watch the DrawTune in to the live draw, which is broadcast on national television and streamed on PCSO’s official social media channels. Check the PCSO website for draw schedules.
7. Check Your NumbersCompare your ticket numbers with the winning numbers announced during the draw. Winning combinations are also posted on the PCSO website and social media channels.
8. Claim Your PrizeFor small prizes, visit an authorized PCSO outlet. For larger prizes, go to a PCSO branch office or the main office. Bring your winning ticket and valid identification.
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eLotto (Online Lotto)

1. Register an AccountVisit the official PCSO eLotto website. Complete the registration process by providing necessary details such as name, address, email, and mobile number. Verify your account through the link sent to your email.
2. Fund Your AccountAdd funds to your eLotto account using available payment methods such as credit/debit cards, online banking, or e-wallets. Ensure you have sufficient balance for purchasing tickets.
3. Choose Your GameLog in to your eLotto account and select the lotto game you want to play. The options include all major PCSO lotto games (e.g., 6/42, 6/45 Mega Lotto, 6/49 Super Lotto, 6/55 Grand Lotto, 6/58 Ultra Lotto).
4. Select Your NumbersChoose your numbers for the selected game. You can manually pick your numbers or use the Lucky Pick option for random selection.
5. Confirm and PurchaseReview your selected numbers and game details. Confirm your purchase by clicking the appropriate button. The ticket cost will be deducted from your account balance.
6. Receive Your eTicketAn electronic ticket (eTicket) will be generated and saved in your eLotto account. You will also receive a confirmation email with the ticket details.
7. Watch the DrawJust like traditional lotto, you can watch the live draw on national television or through PCSO’s official social media channels.
8. Check Your eTicketCompare the winning numbers with those on your eTicket. Winning numbers are posted on the PCSO website and social media.
9. Claim Your PrizePrizes won through eLotto are credited directly to your eLotto account for smaller amounts. For larger prizes, follow the instructions provided in the notification email for claiming at a PCSO office.
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Winning Strategies and Tips

Understanding Odds

While lottery games are primarily based on luck, understanding the odds can help you make informed choices. For example, miniature games like the EZ2 Lotto have better odds than giant games like the Ultra Lotto 6/58.

Responsible Gaming Practices

Gambling should be fun and never jeopardize your financial stability. Set a budget for lottery tickets and stick to it. If you feel you may have a gambling problem, seek help from support groups and professional counselors.

Impact and Contribution to Society

Funding Healthcare and Welfare Programs

A significant portion of PCSO’s revenue goes towards funding healthcare programs, including medical assistance, hospital funding, and health infrastructure development.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Numerous beneficiaries have shared their success stories, showcasing how PCSO’s assistance has changed their lives. These stories highlight the positive impact of PCSO’s programs on Filipino society.


PCSO plays a vital role in Philippine society, not only through its lottery games but also through its extensive charitable programs. By participating in PCSO games, you contribute to a cause that helps countless Filipinos. Stay informed, play responsibly, and support PCSO’s mission to improve lives nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

u003cstrongu003eHow are PCSO’s lottery draws conducted?u003c/strongu003e

PCSO’s lottery draws are conducted live, with stringent measures to ensure fairness and transparency. Draws are aired on national television and live-streamed on PCSO’s official channels.

u003cstrongu003eWhat happens to unclaimed prizes?u003c/strongu003e

Unclaimed prizes revert to the charity fund, further supporting PCSO’s various programs and initiatives

u003cstrongu003eHow can I apply for medical assistance?u003c/strongu003e

Applications can be made through PCSO’s branch offices. Requirements and procedures are detailed on the PCSO website.

u003cstrongu003eCan I buy PCSO lotto tickets online?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, PCSO offers an eLotto service where you can buy tickets online through the official PCSO eLotto website.

u003cstrongu003eWhere can I find the results of the lottery draws?u003c/strongu003e

Lottery draw results are posted on the PCSO website, aired on national television, and shared on PCSO’s official social media channels.

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